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EU Bike Industry Investments and Innovations after the adoption of the TDIs in 2019

Over the past few years a process of “reshoring” has happened in Europe. This has brought several bicycle as well as bicycle parts producers back into Europe and even led to the foundation of bike valleys such as in Portugal and Flanders, Belgium where a whole industrial area is dedicated to the Bicycle Industry. The articles below explain the topic in some more detail.

Click here for more than 500 articles on Bike Industry reshoring in Europe. 

Improved Cycling Infrastructures during Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic the use of bicycles, electric bikes as a transport mode increased significantly. To ensure the safety of cyclists, European Governments have invested to improve cycling infrastructure.

You can find here a list of country-by-country articles presenting initiatives and investments in cycling infrastructure during the covid 19 pandemic.

Why it is vitally important to increase EU cycling Infrastructures, 30 km_h areas in the EU cities  and to work for implementing ITS’ connectivity in EU for safer cycling

You can find here a list of articles/reports presenting the importance of ensuring the safety of cyclists and the different solutions to accomplish this.