Trade: Commission extends anti-dumping measures on imports of bicycles from several countries

The Commission decided today to extend for another 5 years the anti-dumping measures in place on imports of bicycles originating in China. Bicycles imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Cambodia, Pakistan and the Philippines are also covered by these measures after previous investigations found that Chinese bicycles were passing by these countries to then be re-exported to the EU. The anti-dumping measures were originally imposed in 1993 and have been extended several times since then. The anti-dumping duties go up to 48,5%. The review investigation initiated last year concluded that there was a strong likelihood of continuation of dumping and recurrence of injury should the measures lapse. The EU bicycle industry produces over 11 million bicycles across 22 Member States every year.  EU bicycle producers provide 100,000 direct and indirect jobs. More information on the EU trade defence instruments is online.